Lionel Hampton one of the Best of ever has died

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From the Times.

N E W Y O R K, Aug. 31 — Lionel Hampton, the vibraphone virtuoso and standout showman whose six-decade career ranked him among the greatest names in jazz history, died Saturday. He was 94.

Shame that the great musicians are the hardest part of the system and the music to replace.
He was truly a legend who brought to jazz a unique sound with his masterful touch on the Vibraphone. When I was growing up, my Dad had several recordings with Lionel on them. From that point on, I was permanently in love with the sound of the Vibraphone. There will never be another Lionel Hampton.
I am very pleased that Lionel Hampton got the coverage that he did. His energy and love for his craft is what playing music is all about. Another piece of jazz history is added to the huge list great performers.
The CBS "Sunday Morning" show did a nice piece about Mr. Hampton this morning. The world is less interesting due to his passage.