LIO versus LFD NCSE with Harbeth Compact 7?

Dear Audiophiles,

I'm in the market for a new amp and am wondering if anyone has had an opportunity to compare the Vinnie Rossi LIO to the LFD NCSE? These are my top contenders at the moment.

The rest of my system consists of Harbeth Compact 7 speakers. I will likely also invest in a Line Magnetic 515 CD player.

Room is fairly good-sized: 24 by 12 with 9-feet ceilings. (I must say I worry a little about the LIO having only 22 wpc in this size room, although I understand the LIO's power output means it is more powerful than 22 wpc might otherwise imply.)

And extra points for anyone who can also speak to the synergies between LIO and KEF LS50 (I am asking this on behalf of my sister, who is also in the market for a new amplifier.)

Many thanks,