Linux Music System Help

I have recently lost my son who was was my IT admin/computer music system guru. At 19 he was a brilliant computer guy, and I allowed him to convert all of my computing to Linux, and he eventually converted my long-standing optimized 2009 MacMini with attached HD to DAC music system to a Linux Rpi4 with attached HD (exclusively lossless Redbook files btw) wireless to a 2nd Rpi4 running Volumio wired to my DAC and managed (somehow) wireless from a Mac laptop also running Linux. This system is stable and sounds great, but I have no idea how to manage it or how to troubleshoot any of it, and that make me very nervous. I don't even know how to check if my back-up drive is backing up my irreplaceable HD music library, which is why I reach out here for advice from the community on what my future plan could be or should be. Though I am enjoying the SQ of this extremely low cost dual Rpi4 system, I am wondering if, under the circumstances, if I wouldn't be better off (safer) with a "one box" plug and play type solution that I can attach my HD loaded with lossless files and my back-up HD to and be done with it. The GUI I use currently to manage my music library on the laptop is Clementine via Remmina (VPN)- this has allowed me the ability to add and remove music from my library, and it's critical that I be able to do both. Can anyone recommend an off the shelf commercial product that can do what I describe, and that either has an internal DAC equal to or superior to my trusty Bel Canto Dac3 or that can output digital to my current DAC, and then I will output via Balanced cables to my preamp and then finally Balanced out to my ATC actives? My current end-point architecture is Rpi4 (with LPS) running Volumio via usb to Uptone Regen (with LPS) to BC DAC3 via usb out to Pass 2.5 preamp via Balanced to ATC active monitors via Balanced. I originally thought I could possibly hire a remote IT person to help when needed, but I'm thinking that might not be so easily arranged. I'm open to reverting to any OS also if/when necessary- and I'm accustomed to buying used. Thank you in advance for your shared wisdom.

I was an IT guy most of my life… Executive for most of that time. I have spent hundreds of weekends upgrading stuff, out of interest… kind of job related… and hundreds of weekend having my employees upgrade our world-wide systems. I’m personally sick of it. If I were you… I wouldn’t want to be in charge of a stack of unintelligible software, that is one small upgrade away from failure… now clicking on one little check box will fix it, but you would have to go to school for two years to find the box.


I would buy a streamer. A self contained streamer… Aurender is my choice. Consider an N100. You get it, plug it in… if there are files on your network it can find them and copy them to it’s internal drive. Or you can plug something into it and copy them. No widows or operating systems involved. On the other hand, I wouldn’t really bother. The Aurender can deliver the same sound quality from Qubuz and for the price of a CD per month probably get access to all of what you already have and a million or more more tunes… many in high resolution. But, it is hard to let go at first. You can control your streamer through you iPad or phone… combined library of what you own and what you like on line. The Conductor app from Aurender controls everything… no IT guy required.

Thanks GHD. I will take a look at that piece. I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts.