Linnn Linto

Any opinions on the quality of the Linto phono stage versus others in use with LP12, Arkiv cartridge?
If you want your records to sound like CDs, use the Linto.If the rest of your system isn't Linn get a nice tube phono stage. You'll be surprised at how much foot tapping you'll be doing with tubes in the system.
Don't believe everything tubies tell you. From personel experience I can tell you that the Linto is amazing. It DOES NOT make your records sound like CDs. It DOES give you an incredible amount of detail and is very quiet. When used in conjunction with the Arkiv, the presentation is spectacular.
From FAR more personal experience I can tell you that the Linto is anything but amazing. Even Stereophile said the combo was CD like in sound character. That combo is cold....burrrr
I have had the ARC PH3 and Linto. The PH3 has more air, but compared to Linto, it is not accurate, and has 'holes' in its presentation. However, Linto is only good when using with Linn cartridge. I plug in a Koetsu, and it sounded quite strange, but with Linn cartridge, oh.... In my opinon, so, you get class A sound if you use Linn cartridge. I used the Troika.
Linto + Klyde is an awesome combo. Not AT ALL cold, but then again I have tubed pe amp and amps. Gets WAY better when you put it on a Phase 4 Mana and remove the LP12's bottom plate.
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