linn5103/EAD Ovation/Krell5.1

I need some feedback hear folks, I might do home theater later but for now 2 channel is fine.All above units are in the same price range now, 1-2k.
The AV 5103 is simply the best by far of these three if you are going to use it as a two-channel preamp. As for home theater, I can't comment. It is possible that the Krell and the EAD may have some newer video processing features than the AV 5103, which went out of production in 2003. Sonically, I don’t think there is going to be much of a comparison.

But mind you, I don’t like the Krell gear I’ve heard at all. If you do, our tastes are very different and so my advice might not be that useful to you.
The EAD is by far the most musical (warmer than the Linn) for 2 channel and music. A really excellent piece for 2 channel, plus the automated mic setups is the bomb!!!

I have to agree with Newmanoc that Krell is not my cup of tea in musicality. A little harsh or unreal... Detailed and dynamic but not musical in my opinion. Tons of people like this flavor.
" the automated mic setup is the bomb!!!"

Accent, you should know that if you are thinking about a 5103, in contrast to Cytocycle's statement about the EAD, the 5103's setup is gruesome, and should be attempted only by a masochist or a Linn dealer.