Linn Wakonda or Coda model 02b preamp

I know that these two models are a little dated but wanted some views from those who own or did own these preamps. I wanted a solid state pre as I have had a few tube preamps in the past and currently have a BEZ Q3b tube pre now. I believe Linn is more of a system piece with other Linn gear but please correct me if I'm wrong. The Coda would have the flex with the balanced in's and outs as I'm purchasing a amp with balanced in's in the near future. My budget is lean and I saw these advertised with simliar prices. My musical tastes run primarily in jazz so sonics are important. My spkrs are Triangle Stella es and my current amp is the N.E.W A-20. Philips 963sa does the digital duty. A Nad C420 tuner completes my modest rig. Although my system has older pieces they sound really good together. I thank you for taking the time to read this and as always enjoy the music.
Perhaps this thread comes down to me making a choice based on the pros and cons of both preamps. I'll do my research and go from there. I was expecting some feedback but alas---.
I would vouch for the Coda equipment. Well built. Bullet proof construction and very good sonics. For the money, can't be really touched. Much the same as a Threshold.
I have a Coda window 4, i am extremely happy with the sound and operation of it.