Linn vs rega cd players?

Has anyone heard any of the Linn CD players as against the Rega Cd players considering that both firms have similar 'analogue' thinking?

Linn is a better player but cost more. That said for the money Rega is a great choice. sorry if this doesn't help.
I compared the Rega Planet 2000 to the Linn Mimik II. They both did things very well. I would say I liked the musicality and the usability of the rega a little more. I could have lived with both players fairly easily however. If you step up to the Genki, I don't think the Planet would do very well.
keep looking unless your system is comprised of linn or rega.both are good, but they become great when married to other 'like' components.
Anyone have thoughts on the Jupiter vs the Genki?
I prefer
the Rega Planet to the Mimik,
the Genki over the Planet,
the Jupiter over the Genki
and the Ikemi to the Jupiter.
In general,however my leanings tend to be more towards the Rega style of presentation to that of Linn's.

I had a new Jupiter 2000 and traded it in on a Ikemi. The Genki was a second choice over the Jupiter, I just decided the Ikemi was what I would always crave so I plunged. But I was very disapointed in the Rega. I had an original Planet and thgought it was good especially for the money. But the Jupiter was not a 1200.00 leap in sound. And it skipped, even Sam Tellig makes mention of this flaw in review of the Planet 2000. The Genki was a much more detailed and "vinyl" sound than the Jupiter. But if you can make the jump the Ikemi somehow brings it all together.
I upgraded from the original Planet to the Ikemi. The Ikemi has all of the musical attributes of the Planet, including the smooth highs, but adds much more detail and better defined bass. I was equally impressed with the excellent build quality of the Ikemi compared to several other players at equal and higher prices.
I have both the original Planet and a Genki. While the Genki sounds a lot better, the Planet has been 100% reliable and can play CDRs.