Linn vs Naim House Sounds

I've long heard of the "Linn sound" and the "Naim sound." Can anyone compare and contrast these two?
Do a search here:
You will get many responses.
In a nutshell; Linn is more laid back, Naim is more agressive. Both are very musical.
Its been years since I've heard a Naim system, but I loved it!!! I used to own a NAP32.5/Hi-Cap/250 before my Linn gear got home. Sometimes I miss the Naim sound, but both are REALLY musical.
I had both Linn (Ittok, LK1) and many Naim gear (1st and 2nd generation), I think Naim has a more energetic sound than the Linn, which is also very good but more polite IMO.