LINN vs ATC choice ....

I'm looking to upgrade either my pre, or my speakers but am split. Have a Wakonda and Aktiv Ninkas w/2 LK85s.

Thinking of either a 5103 or ATC12s, but can't decide. Any thoughts?

I am in a similar situation- sort of. I own the same amps and speakers running aktiv and I own the 5103 pre-amp. I am considering the purchase of ATC 12's or more likely ATC 20's to possibly replace my Ninkas. I really do love the sound of the 5103- it is an extremely clean and open. What are you looking for sound-wise, that you are not getting now- clarity, soundstaging, etc.?? Maybe I can help you with more feedback based on your response.
I've always found the Ninkas to be a little too polite. Aktiv certainly helped. Not until run by a Unidisk/Exotik/5125 have I heard them sound really lively.

I recently changed my Wakonda to a later production run, and it's quite smooth, but recessed. Some scm7s sounded really good on it, but were ever so light in the bass for my room - hence the desire for 12s.

It's my understanding that the 5103 really improves things nicely and has a little more dance over even the Kairn. Right now, I could swing that or a pair of 12s for about the same cost.

BTW - I'm sure you've heard the 20s - gorgeous. If you can find some Klouts to power them, simply amazing! Though the 35s are more efficient.

Would love to ditch the Wakonda/Genki and my DVD for a Unidisk SC and add a 5125 later .... one can aspire.

unless you're looking at the ATC *active* monitors, you may want to stay with the linn speakers as the linn amps won't drive those ATCs quite well enough. linn speakers are cake to drive. ATCs are hard as hell to drive. plus, as you linn fans know, there's also a serious sonic advantage to going active.