Linn Upgrades

My Linn dealer sent out a newsletter with sketchy details about a couple of new upgrades coming in early 2007. One involving the base, the other involving the tone arm. Has any one else heard about these?
The LP12 rumor has been circulating for a few months now. I heard that the upgrade may consist of a one piece carbon fiber subchassis and tonearm board.
If you check out the Naim forum or the pink fish media site, there has been great speculation (and even pictures) of the Keel, the new one-piece integrated subchassis/armboard assembley, fabricated of cast aluminum/titanium. Of course, there's also the upgraded Ekos, the Ekos SE, with a titanium armwand. The Keel is reputed to retail for around $3000 - silly expensive to keep the old codger in the same ballpark with the big boys (IMHO). Happy listening,

There's some photos in the Vinyl Engine as well...
My local dealer said the sub chassis will be milled billet aluminum and the Ekos as mentioned above. Take a look at the new sterephile. Dudly is looking at some non-linn upgrades.
Thanks Palasar. I checked out the sites you refer to. I found out that the projected price for the Keel is $5,400 and for the Ekos SE is $7,600. I thought that Linn prices were high before, but this is ridiculous.
keel is£3000 and ekos se is £3950
Spoke with my Linn dealer today. He just got back from CES. Update on pricing. The prices quoted earlier were a bit high. The Keel will come in at $3,000, the Ekos SE, $5,000.
Still high. But not quite as bad as previously thought. I will, of course, want to audition before making any kind of move...
I have my order in. I'll be reporting in on my "Pimped Out Linn LP 12" in early to mid March. Must be something. He's flying in from Texas to set it up. Stay tuned.
Looking forward to your review of the keel! Did you order the new trampolin as well?
I did order the new Trampolin as well.