Linn Unidisk Advice


I am currently looking to get more info on the Linn Product line and wanted to know what people thought of Linn's Unidisk?

If you had to purchase a cd player is there much difference between an SC,Unidisk 1.1 and 1.2?

Which do you feel is the best buy for value? I listen and watch movies 50/50.

I need to audition them but was thinking if I like them is it worth trying a second hand 1.1 or getting a new 1.2 or SC?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
for all the information you need go here and do a search for unidisk.
there is a difference between them all. a used 1.1 is better than a new 1.2 just make sure it is updated to current spec.
Sonically theres a relatively large difference between the 1.1 and 2.1.

My suggestion is to first find a Linn dearler that will support you even if you buy a 2nd hand 1.1... then make sure its fully upgraded to the latest hardware/firmware (fixes a number of bugs in disc recognition and DVI video that have been with the unit since its launch in '03!)

If you can't locate such a dealer, then just get a new 2.1 instead... assuming cost is an issue, otherwise just get a new 1.1.

Good luck.
Thanks for the advice Deven8 and Anupmc!

Deven8...I saw your system posted on Audiogon and thought it looked fantastic. I just purchased a brand new pair of 802D's and am looking to upgrade my cd as well as amp and pre amp. I really like the Linn line but have yet to test it out. I really like the compact nature of it and hope the sound is a good match with my 802D's.

As for the cd players my budget was more in the Unidisk SC and 1.2 range but something tells me I should save a little longer and get the 1.1 if I like it.

Anupmc...My dealer does carry Linn so I will scheduling a demo soon.
I have heard the 1.1 a number of times and the SC a couple, but not the 1.2. The 1.1 is certainly the way to go for music and I've heard that many compromises are made in the audio section for the 1.2. Although, if you aren't into the high res stuff, you can do better on red book and movies for a whole lot less.
As for amps/preamps, you should give the new Classe Delta amps a listen, as they were used in the voicing of the new Diamond B&W's.

I just listened to a 1.2 today but only for a short while with Mac equipment. It was very detailed but could not compare to other products. I do not listen to SACD or DVD-A but it is attractive to have the option. I wonder how much better the famed Sondek CD12 compares to the 1.1?

What are some players less than the Unidisk 1.1 that you recommend for redbook? I plan to use the system in both HT/2CH. At the moment I have a Pioneer Elite DVD player. It is quite good with DVD's. Is the Unidisk better you think in video than the Pioneer Elite?