Linn Unidisk 1.1 SACD Stereo Recognition Issue

I need some helpful insight from other digital source owners. My Unidisk 1.1 sounds great, but when I try and play an SACD, it will not play it in the SACD Stereo format. Instead, it defaults into Redbook CD format. Page 14 of the owners manual says, "When an SACD is inserted into the UNIDISK 1.1 the unit will default to the format that was selected the last time an SACD was played. If that area is not present on the current disc the unit will select the best format available. You are able to select which audio format you wish to listen to from those available. To do this: If the disc is playing press (stop) and repeatedly press AUDIO ADJ on the handset until the desired format is shown on the front panel display." So, when I follow these instructions, the player only allows me to select from "SACD Multi" (which isn't good for me because I don't have a multichannel system) and "CD Stereo" (the Redbook format). It doesn't give me the "SACD Stereo" format as a selectable option. When I have selected "SACD Multi" the sound quality is vastly inferior to the "CD Stereo." I know some SACD recordings sound bad, but I'm playing Analogue Productions SACDs of Coltrane's Love Supreme and Brubeck's Time Out, both of which appear to have consistently favorable audio quality reviews. I recently bought the Unidisk 1.1 on Audiogon and this is the first time I have tried to play SACD on it. Thoughts, suggestions and insights please.
Perhaps you should post your question on the Linn Forum. They love that stuff. Also, try writing to Linn directly. They are pretty helpful. Good luck.
Thanks. I'm taking your advice.
Many thanks to Chayro, who recommended I post on the Linn forum. After doing so, I received the solution to fix the problem I was experiencing.