Linn Unidisk

Does Linn plan on selling a cheaper model of the unidisk in 2004. If so, how much do you think it will be.
From what I understand, there is no rush for a more budget-friendly Unidisk. When they do release one, it will unfortunately be for the HT crowd, with reduced audio capacities :( I also understand that future high end Linn products will be aimed an "integrated" audio and video environment. No word at all in terms of the price for the Unidisk 1.2. If recent history is a guide, it will probably be far more than the "official" rumors will suggest.
This month's Hi-fi Choice magazine in the UK mentions the fact that the Unidisk will be followed by two cheaper models.
Unfortunately it gives no more information than this.
I'd e-mail Linn direct Bunkers they should get back to you.