Linn Unidisc SC

I'm interested in users opinions on Linn Unidisc SC performance, Red Book and SACD, especially when used with it's preamp section directly into power amp, and not just as a transport. I'm currently using Sony DVP NS999ES, Modified Bitstream DAC, McIntosh C-45 preamp., Theta Digital Dreadnaught II and VonSchweikert VR-4JR, and was thinking about replacing Sony AND McIntosh with Linn Unidisc SC. The only thing that worries me is digital processing section of Linn in the same chassis as preamp and possible interference of digital circuits with preamp section. Appreciate your time in advance.
There is a Linn SC review in the latest issue of Stereophile, in case you would be interested.
I own a Linn Ikemi and a McIntosh MX135 which uses most of the C45 in its pre-amp section. I tried the SC in a head to head with the Ikemi and there was no contest. I did the same in the dealers showroom and he even stated "well this is going back, the Ikemi clearly blows it away" I would look at keeping the C45 and saving for a UniDisk 1.2 or 1.1
they definelty blow the Ikemi away.
Aball, this Stereophile review is exactly the reason I'm interested in SC.
Theo, thanks for your input.
go to
and do a search for unidisk sc there is plenty of information there.
Deven8, thank you. One thing wasn't clear in this guy review of SC vs. Ikemi- which one was better?
The stereophile reviewer did not seem to comment much on the use of the player as a preamp or using the units digital input. I like that the SC has a digital input. Do any other universal or SACD players have digital inputs?

Anyone else using the SC?