LINN TUKANS=== spiked stand top

i have a pair of linn tukans and i put them on a pair of atacama SE24's......
thing is! there are holes for screws on the top plate so the speaker can rest on spikes...
as the speaker is the same size as the top plate the spikes rest ear the edge of the tukans(very unsafe)....
WHAT should i do???
drill new holes more inwards on the plate(for the spikes)so they fit more underneath the speaker,
or could i bluetack michell cones to the top plate and rest my tukans on them???
thanx guys j
Just use blu-tack and skip the spikes, it will sound better and be more stable.
Get reid of them! I busted those bastards once i got drunk. They kept falling of the stands, #$%&*@ Linn stands! These $#@%&*& monitor speakers are pain in the ass. get floorstanders!
Second the blu-tack. I also had Tukans, spiked them on sound organisation stands. I later had regrets, even you can't see the holes when placed on the stands they were no longer "perfect". Also if you ever want to mount your Tukans on the wall with Brackits you will be able to see the holes.