Linn TT Stand

I recently moved into the third floor apartment and my Basik/Akito/K9 table is prone to picking up every vibration known to man now. Admittedly, I have it placed on top of a heavy piece of AV furniture, near a load bearing wall; not the best. I would like to buy a stand for close to floor placement. I am looking through threads and a Sound Org. stand Z021 is recommended, but discontinued and I haven't seen it in the classifieds. I'm not sure I can do a wall mount stand, but may resort to that. Can I use an amp stand? Do these provide the same physical benefits for TT isolation?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
There are a lot of options and a lot of debate out there about the best stand for your sondek. For a plurality of viewpoints check out the following and happy reading:
The Mana Reference stand I have is so stable that I've actually had my 2.5 year old bouncing like a tasmanian devil to the music on the floor right in front of it and not a smidgen of a skip.
The current furniture is a poor choice. I've tried something similiar (in an emergency) for my LP12, and hope I never have to do it again. However, the current furniture might work if you had an isolation platform of some sort underneath the Basik. I remember a Linn dealer doing something like this (he had one that had a board, with energy absorbing feet.)

A specialty stand is probably the best. But, you might try using a small, light weight, and rigid table (like what you'd put to the side of a couch). I believe that the Ikea Lack end table has been a classic choice for the LP 12--and it should work with a Basik.