Linn system: speaker matching

My system consists of: Linn Karik CD Transport / Numerik DA Converter Linn Majik (used as preamp only) Linn LK85 amplifier Cardas Lighting Digital BNC interconnect and Sync between Karik and Numerik Linn standard interconnects elsewhere (the ones that come with components) Linn K400 bi-wire speaker cable I recently acquired a pair of Silverline SR17 monitors. They are wonderful, but the music does get a bit "thick" in the lower midrange. I suspect that what is happening is that these speakers are revealing a characteristic of the system that my last speakers (Sonus Faber Grand Piano) didn't. The speakers otherwise have an astounding soundstage, and they make music with great detail and authority. When listening, one gets the sense that these lower mid-ranges are "tight", or that they are being somehow held back, or restrained. The sound there somehow has more density or weight than it should. I'm tempted to describe it as sounding "congested", but that isn't quite right. The reason that word comes to mind is that the feeling reminds me slightly of the sense of "pressure" on the ear that one experiences after a fast change in altitude (e.g. a fast elevator in a high-rise building). The adjectives that keep coming to mind are "weight", "heavy", "restrained". It seems like these ranges want to break free, to get more "air" and "speed". Again, all of this applies to the lower midrange. It could be anything, but I'm wondering if it might be a cable issue. Like I said, I sense that the problem is that these speakers are revealing a limitation in the system; the performance of the speakers is otherwise so refined and strong. Any suggestions for what I might try? Obviously, I’d like to try changes starting with the least costly – as I mention in my comments, based on what I’ve heard before I suspect that it could be a cable issue, so maybe I could start there. TIAb
You may want to email David Robinson, the editor of "Positive Feedback" magazine. You should be able to find the website at: David is a big fan of Linn gear and if he has time may make some recommendations. What ever he recommends, it would be to your advantage to listen to. You may also want to subscribe to his magazine. It is a very uninfluenced audio publication with some very intelligent reviewers.
I have had a lot of Linn gear over the years, and I would not associate the problem you describe as being a characteristic of the electronics you have. I am not familiar with your speakers, and if you like them and want to keep them, my suggestion is that while you could tweak the sound with cables, that may be medicine worse than the disease. Another idea is to use a quality power conditioner, which will lower the noise floor, and that really opens up the midrange of any system. But I think a better approach would be to upgrade your amp. The LK85 is a nice amp, but it is not that powerful. If your speakers are a difficult load (low impedance and high phase angle), and/or if your room is large and/or, especially, if this problem gets noticeably worse as your turn up the volume, then I guess your LK85 is running out of gas. You might be able to bi-amp with another LK85, or go with the Linn monoblocks (LK140, I think). Maybe best of all is to look over this site for a gently-used Klout. That's an amp that that absolutely clamps your woofers, and should help the transition from woofer to midrange or tweeter.
Have you tried Linn louspeakers? I've listened to Kabers, Keilidhs and 5140's in several set ups and always been impressed by the speed and clarity, especially when run "active" w/ all Linn gear. If you want speed, rythm and pace, these are a pretty good bet. I used to own an all Linn system (Karik/Numerik, two LK 100s and Kairn) with all Linn cables..but never the loudspeakers (never quite got into the Linn treble). But hey, it may work for you....
try linn tukans with rel srata3 sub woofer!!! tight firm bass--awsome top and mids-real stereo man!!!! TRY!! proac or NEAT acoustics
are your monitors new? perhaps they need some breaking in? the sound ewe describe doesn't sound like linn that i've heard. my only criticism of linn is relative lack of soundstage depth - i always thought the timbre & detail thru-out the audible range was outstanding...