Linn speakers in the 1000- 2000 range.

I am looking to upgrade my current speaker arrangement. I am using a NHT super O with sub. Any comments regarding the Linn's would be appreciated.
I was impressed by the new Ninka's and am currently strongly considering buying them.
I am also considering the Ninka's In that price range I consider them to be a great value. You might also want to checkout vienna accoustics bach-another great sounding speaker for 1500
Why not go for a used pair of AV 5140's?? They seem to go for ~$1500 in good shape.
Thanks for the excellent suggestions. I am definitely leaning towards a small floor stander. The Vienna Acoustics- Bach looks like a nice looking speaker. Is it in the same class as the Linn Ninka? I listen to mostly two channel music.
I haven't heard the ninkas, but I had super ones with a sub (Sunfire MKII). Recently upgraded with EAD ovation, Citation 7.1 amp, and Linn 5140's. Ain't turning back. I like the Vienna Acoutics Bach, but the Linn's are better overall IMHO.
I would second looking for used 5140's. I have owned then, nice speaker.