Linn Sonedeck XII 33 to 45 RPM solution

Just curious, why would Linn make the Systemdeck xll with both 33 and 45 rpm capstan, by simply moving the belt up or down the Capstan, yet the Linn Sonedeck XII has to have either an external power supply (Moser / Hercules) or Linn Lingo for an additional $1k. Why cant you just take the capstan from the Systemdeck and put it on the Sonedeck? Just hate to drop $1k or so just to play the few 1/2 speed master vinyls cut at 45rpm that i have. Thanks, any inexpensive solutions for the 33 to 45 convertion?
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A two-step pulley as found on the System deck would work fine on the Sondek. My two Aristons use this. There is some inconvenience, as the platter must be removed, belt repositioned and platter put back. So an external speed control does allow for an easy speed change!