linn sondek tt

Does anybody still buy this? I just noticed many of their old dealers are gone.i wonder why?
Some of the most musically involving systems I've heard over the years had Linn turntables in them. We always spent a lot of time in the Linn rooms at the various shows. These were guys who shied away from the overly reverbed recordings normally played in the rooms at shows and opted for truly great recordings to demo with instead. 

 @dsholl1 Funny how guys with Kuzma’s always say they beat the LP12 Radikal D...not in my books and not by a long shot. All of the Kuzmas I have heard sound inferior to a well set up Linn...Obviously YMMV.
Linn vs Kuzma is like vanilla vs chocolate.  One is not better than the other, just different.  Pick the one you like. 
I can tell you that I went down the Linn rabbit hole and the Kuzma is better in every way. It’s not vanilla vs chocolate it’s more like,
one is miles better vs one that isn’t. 

I was was in the cult of Linn. But unlike many in the Linn camp I’m objective enough to know when something is better. 

Linn Radikal is so cheaply made it compared to the Kuzma too. 

The Kuzma does everything the Linn does but better....timing dynamics soundstage and is quieter. Also can try different tonearms instead of being stuck with an Ekos SE which is the most overpriced and under performing arm I ever had. It can only take “Linn” cartridges and some Dynavectors. 

Im not a Linn basher but I am someone who has put his money where his mouth is unlike most die hard Linnies. 

Also @daveyf in “all the Kuzma you’ve heard” have you actually ever listened to a Ref2 in your system??? And perhaps it’s not “funny” that all the guys that end up with Kuzmas say what I say. Perhaps it’s just true?????

I am not alone another friend in Australia went down the Linn path and ended up with the Ref2 as well.

Linn make a great classic TT but really it’s at best a $5000 TT they just keep fleecing their ongoing customers with the upgrades. 

Been there done that. 

Dear Linn LP12 friend,

Bought my LP12 in October 1988. It has served me well.

Cirkus bearing, Lingo (1) power supply, Ekos tonearm, The latest phono cable, trampoline II and totally gone over and tuned by Tom O'Keefe of Ovature Audio in Ann Arbor, MI. The Best Linn Tech left in the USA, IMHO.

The Kuzma is better built (better machining), PS is better build, 12" VTA arm is two full steps ahead of the Ekos arm - Fine adjustment of azimuth, VTA on the Fly, quieter bearings, Just plays better than then Ekos. I have heard the SE Ekos in a full blown Linn rig while Tom worked on my table. Yes, The Full Blown Linn rig does sound great; Not $25,000 great.

I bought a Technics SL1200G at Axpona 2018, Had it shipped to atmasphere (Ralph), He built and mounted the new arm board, Tri Mai built and mounted the Triplanar Classic SE tonearm. Brian Walsh mounted the Lyra Kleos   Sorry, Davey, This rig takes down the Linn/Radikal. BTW, Tom barely was able to mount the Kleos to the Ekos arm. Technics has better speed control than the Radikal, Triplanar arm is in a different league than either the Ekos SE or the Kuzmz 12" VTA arms. Zero problems mounting Lyra Kleos to Triplanar arm. VTA on the Fly, azimuth adjustment, better bearings, One continuous wire from cartridge pins to terminations. Forget the felt mat on the Linn; Oracle Hard Acrylic mat now on the Technics. HRS 315gr record weight. 

Kuzma Rig = $9700 with new Dynavector XX2 mk II

Technics/Triplanar/Kleos Rig = $13,700