Linn Sondek Phono Preamp

My Current set up is


Michi x3

B&W 705s

Linn Sondek with Akito Arm

Ortofon 2m bronze


Looking for recommendations for a phono preamp (really disappointed in the michi phono stage). Not sold on tubes, but might warm the system up a little. The michi is very neutral. Also looking for advice for tonearm cables for the Akito. Thanks! (sorry if this post is redundant with others)


Michael Fremer of Analog Planet likes the Schiit Mani 2 phono stage ($149). Check out his review there.

You might consider a moving coil cartridge like a Hana  SL - which the Mani 2 can handle.

The best Audio research phono stage you can afford. I have a Linn (nearly) Klimax with an Audio Research Reference 3SE phono stage… it sounds even better than the Linn Klimax phono stage. Nothing “warm” about these preamps… just detailed and very natural. Also check out Presto.

If your budget stretches to 2.5k, the PS Audio Stellar (something) is stellar sounding.

Alternatively, the musical fidelity phono is excellent for the price.

The PS audio phono is much better of course.

Former Stellar phono owner here. It was not my cup of tea. However the GCPH modified by PCX is sublime. 

If the tube sound is what you seek Space Tech Labs produces high quality gear at “reasonable” prices. I currently own a unit with the outboard Super Rectifier. The sound is unbelievable. The only caveats being MM or high output MC only and single input. 

Pretty much any Vincent is a good choice. They offer tubed and non tube models for under $600. The 701 will even let you digitize vinyl up to 24/192