Linn Sondek phono cable

I own a Linn Sondek, ekos arm, arkiv cartride & lingo power supply.
I need to make the phono cable longer and need to know what type of wire they used. My table was produced in 1988.

Thanks for any responses.
I think you are mentioning the cable with rubber-like corrugated outer sleeve.
I had 1987 model Sondek with Ittok and used it for 17 years.
If you value a more modern sound, get rid of that cable.
It makes Sondek mid-bass prominent and sound a little bit rolled off and closed in.I replaced it with Kimber Tak-Cu and the change was big towards more neutral sound.I even cut, put RCA jacks and used the original cable as an interconnect to tame a harsh sounding 90's CD player.It is that colored.

Linn uses a DIN plug for the tonearm end of the cable. You can use any brand of cable you want. If you want the same as you have you will need to get it from your Linn dealer. They do offer a newer cable "silver" that comes in two lengths. I just sold my LP12 but I had Cardas Golden Reference on mine. It was 1meter. I don't think you want to get too much longer than that as the signal is pretty weak coming off the cartridge.
I found the Audioquest Leopard to be a much better phono cable than the Linn T Cable. The Leopard comes in several lengths.
You should check the Linn Forum. They know the intimate details of everything to do with the LP12.
Remember that the tonearm cable is part of the Linn suspension, therefore, extremely thick and stiff phono cables need not apply.
I have had good luck with the AQ leopard...might also consider crystal cable as they are flexible and very low mass...
Sorry for the late response.

Thanks to all for there valued comments.