Linn Sondek LP12 impressions

Hello I was wondering if anyone still uses these old designed turntables?

I know its totally not vogue since its a belt drive and all the rage DD and Idler have taken over as "the reference"

Suteetat,your observation about the looks of the LP12 is interesting. In some ways I have to agree, although the looks of any TT is highly subjective, IMHO.
Some people would say the new VPI Classic Direct doesn't look like it should cost anywhere near $30K.Others would say the Continuum Caliburn looks like a million $$$ ...hmmm don't want to give them any ideas, LOL.
Glad you are enjoying your upgraded LP12 Daveyf. I'm pretty sure that the improvements are not subtle. As I said, nothig wrong with the Sondek just extremely expensive IMHO and, like any other suspended TT, finicky and sensitive as descibed by Suteetat. I prefer the simplicity of the RP10 for a fraction of the cost. Again, just a matter of preference.
Daveyf, you are right, I supposed VPI DD also does not look as impressive as most other $30,000 tables either :)
I've owned my 25 year anniversary LP12 for almost 17 years. Originally it had the shoe box Lingo power supply, Cirkus bearing, and Ekos arm. Two years ago I upgraded it to the Radikal power supply, Ekos SE arm, Keel sub chassis and Akiva MC cartridge (Kandid wasn't out yet). Expensive, yes, but I'm extremely happy with the improved sound. Most that say the LP12 is dated haven't heard a fully updated one with the Radikal power supply, updated chassis and arm.
Linn has been a reference standard for years. Not that it is the best but most serious vinyl enthusiasts have heard one and can benchmark other tables against it. I had Axis and LP12 Valhalla and actually preferred the cheaper table. It was tidier cleaner and had less wooly bass, something the higher Linns also do better. I also liked the Linn Basik which was a great budget table.

LP12 can be be good or bad. Bad ones, even after being set up properly go off after a year or so. Mine was like that. I now use a Clearaudio.

That said, a well set up Linn Lp12 sounds great. Buy a nice used one. If you like it great. If not you can sell it at little to no loss.