Linn Sondek LP12 impressions

Hello I was wondering if anyone still uses these old designed turntables?

I know its totally not vogue since its a belt drive and all the rage DD and Idler have taken over as "the reference"

Owned one for many years, great table in its own way. Sondek LP12/Ekos/Lingo/Linto/Akiva. Fuzzy to set up and maintain. Overall great sound but falling behind with outdated technology and steep price. Got tired of adjusting the springs every time I swapped carts. My personal opinion and not trying to persuade others otherwise.
Kiko65, the words "fuzzy to set up and maintain" would indicate to me that your LP12 was never properly set up in the first place. I have said before, and contrary to popular myth, the LP12 is NOT prone to drift out of set up and is actually pretty easy to maintain. That is assuming the set up is done right the first time.
I also think that one needs to adjust the set up on ANY table every time you change cartridge. The tonearm parameters will always need to be adjusted and the TT checked.
As to outdated technology, well one could say that about all TT's too! I don't happen to think that a DC motor control/drive and a belt drive are 'outdated'- I guess YMMV.
Properly setting up, Linn certainly can keep up with the current competition in its price range, I think. However, setup is really important and it is much more finicky and sensitive than VPI or TW Acoustic that I own. However, I have a good friend who is love Linn and tweak it to death. He also helped set up several Linns in my other friends' systems and they all sound great. Certainly have no problem playing hard rock, pop, orchestral, vocal or pretty much any kind of music you throw at it. I rather like it, not well enough to replace my TW or VPI DD but certainly I don't think it is an underacheiver in its price range. The biggest weakness it has is that it does not look like it should cost this much. I am not sure if there is any other turntable above $10,000 that look cheaper than Linn.
Suteetat,your observation about the looks of the LP12 is interesting. In some ways I have to agree, although the looks of any TT is highly subjective, IMHO.
Some people would say the new VPI Classic Direct doesn't look like it should cost anywhere near $30K.Others would say the Continuum Caliburn looks like a million $$$ ...hmmm don't want to give them any ideas, LOL.
Glad you are enjoying your upgraded LP12 Daveyf. I'm pretty sure that the improvements are not subtle. As I said, nothig wrong with the Sondek just extremely expensive IMHO and, like any other suspended TT, finicky and sensitive as descibed by Suteetat. I prefer the simplicity of the RP10 for a fraction of the cost. Again, just a matter of preference.