Linn Sondek CD12 Discontinued

The Linn Sondek CD12 has been discontinued, reportedly because some as yet unidentified components have been discontinued by their suppliers. No information is available as to the extent of Linn's inventory of the discontinued parts or how long it will be until the CD12 becomes unrepairable, like the Linn Karik and Mimik CD players, due to the unavailability of spare parts. Apparently no replacement for the CD12 will be forthcoming. The top Linn cd player will be the multi-format Unidisc 1.1, which is inferior to the CD12 in Red Book CD playback.
Another sad day for the audio community. My local dealer told me when they got their first Unidisk 1.1 that Linn was thinking of removing the CD-12 since the Unidisk 1.1
gave 95% of the performance at a lower cost. I guest that day came too soon, don't be surpsised if they also discontinue the Klimax Kontrol. Hector
I am a reseller of Linn Product. Dont fear my fellow audiophiles, Linn is currently building a super Unidisk that will have all the great performance of the CD12