Linn Sondek CD 12

Does this CD one box player still cut it, or has the advances and experience of blue book proved it was a huge marketing scam?

I am curious, as for instance a good valve amp, or classic speaker can still cut it today, such as a quad ESL or a B&W 801, and a valve amp like a Mcintosh 275 or Audio Note 300b.

It is also strange how some DAC models by various manufacturers have jumped against the oversampling trickery and gone back to none over sampling.

Confusing? I think so. But what about folk who bought a CD 12 and have kept it? Lets here some views about it here! How does it stack up, is ity really that good still. And do any of the other 'high' priced players and DACs of yester year still hold their price tag. Mission, Marc Levison, Wadia....
i heard the cd12 when first introduced at a dealer, then recently a few months ago..both times amazing. i currently dont even own a cdp, strictly vinyl, but the cd12 is about as good as it gets
the dna in all digital front ends is closer than most audiophiles would care to admit. buy what makes you happy, and try to live with it.
I used to sell the CD12 when it was current and have listened to again it more recently. It is still one of the best transports I have ever heard at any price. When it was current it was considered one of the most musical and well balanced players, and it still is.

If it has any hint of weakness it would be the DAC which can be outdone by some of the best DAC's, but barely.

BTW, you will hear a lot of people claiming that they can equal and/or beat the sound of any CD transport with the best computer server setup via USB, or pro soundcard etc... I've tried to accomplish this myself using the CD12 as my benchmark for comparison and nothing even came close.