Linn & Schematic? need one or any advise

i have a small problem in my linn powetek amp and i have a local wizz that can fix it but needs a schematic of the amp........
i wrote LINN and they wont dish out schematics..
anyone here have a powertek schematic or any advise would be helpfull??????
(the linn charge($250) is too much for whats wrong with the amp,thats why i'm doing it local)
Unfortunately, I can't offer much help. But, I was in a similar position, with a Linn Intek. A couple of ideas come to my mind. First of all, your repair person might be able to work with a Linn Intek schematic--the Intek's power amp section was very similar to, if not exactly the same as, the Powertek. Of course, an Intek schematic might not be easy to come by, either.

You might also check with Linn dealers that repair equipment themselves. They might be able to help you find a schematic, or they might offer repairs that are cheaper than Linn's.

Finally, some people would tell you to simply toss the amp. I am not sure that I'd go that far, but it's worth considering. I essentially replaced my Intek with another amp--the $250 does seem high, and my talk with someone at Linn (the US agent) left me less than satisfied. However, I did keep my Intek, and if I can I may repair it someday for a second system.

In case you're having the same problem that I did--sudden protection circuit shut downs for no reason--something that I've discovered is that warming the amp up for a while can help.

Good luck!
If you are thinking of alternatives in an all Linn setup, I would toss the amp. I listened to a demo last week comparing a used powertek/pretek combo, which is dramatically better than the Intek by the way, to a new Classik and the Pretek/Powertek was utterly destroyed by the Classik. This really surprised me since I used to own a powertek for many years and it was one of my all time favorite amps. I thought the powertek was even more musical than the dismal LK100, however Linn's amp technology has progressed allot since the powertek was introduced.
don't hang your head down.

i'm the one who e-mailed you to offer the repair services and i confess to make such audiogon sin.

becides your problem if you're realy challenging you should get to the and acquire "A Complete Guide to Electronics Troubleshooting" book that will guide you though and teach you how to fix and diagnose the problems without even looking on schematics.

i admit that you'll have to spend on that book $100+ for a new one but it's up to you to decide where to invest.
after reading and understanding this book you will be able to work as a technitian and diagnose nearly any problem that occurs in the electronics.

schematics might be realy helpful but not neccessary if you can id the circuit elements and its functions just by taking a look.

moreover very often just by opening the electronic component i could visually recognize a deffected piece of circuitry such as fried resistor, capacitor.

and after all just for curiosity as your local wizz if he/she knows about that book i've just mentioned:)

good luck

thanx a lot for your replies!
i was just trying to get it fixed on the cheap so i could sell it for a classic system.....i realy dont want to sell it partialy broken i'd feel better if it was fixed.....and i could get more for it being fully operational...
what could i get for the linn pre and powertek?in $$$
I don't know how much you could get for the Pretek/Powertek combo. I know I've seen some Inteks (which was several hundred less, new) going for about $500--although whether the Intek actually could sell for that much in the end is anyone's guess. (I've noticed Inteks come up for sale, and can linger...forever.) The Pretek/Powertek is rarer, however, and might be easier to sell. However, my own feeling is that in a private party sale, you might spend more to the Powertek working than you'd be able to sell it for. It might be best to sell them apart. I've heard from one dealer (not connected with Linn) that the Pretek wasn't that bad a pre-amp, so there might be someone who wants to buy it. You could sell the Powertek non-working (if you can't get it fixed) as a fixer upper or parts unit. Or you could keep it for a doorstop.

The Linn Classik is good--or so I've heard--but I will point out one thing you may have thought of. As with the Powertek, the only service support for the Classik is likely to be Linn. I've toyed with the idea of getting the Classik, myself, but after the hassles I had with the Intek, I'm not sure I'll ever buy anything made by Linn again.