Linn owners!

Need speaker cables, for Majik, Karik and Tukans. I woul like suggestion from all-Linn owners on their experiance. Also, with interconects. Curently using MIT-4 bi, and Transparent Link. I would like to stay between 150-300$ (used cables) I've been suggested by "UsedCable,com" to try: XLO Ultra 12 or Audioquest Crystal (both bi-wire) Any further, info. woul be greatly appreciated.
I have tried AQ cables, with no success. They sounded thin and unfocused. I switched to Linn K400 and they sound great, very open and with cleaner bass. I've used them with Helix II, Keilidh, and Kaber Loudspeakers, but not Tukans.
I have a linn system and I highly reccomend the linn cables. The price is good also.
On Linn products, do not use any network cables, they sound bad and the amps even clips off due to lack of current drive capapbility of Linn Amps. Use Tara Labs or the original Linn speaker cables. MIT and Transparents are a waste of money and time.
Iagree with r32446 on the Transparent cables. They were too laid back with Linn equipment. Try JPS superconducter II They are a bit stiff but they sound great and priced reasonably
I own a Karik/LK1-Dirak/LK280 into a pair of Energy 5.1e speakers tried Naim, and other Linn cables. I chose the Linn
K-400. I did blind tests with my girlfriend who has no audio knowledge, her results matched mine, also the editor of UHF Magazine also concured and recommended them even though the magazine sells Wireworld and Sheffield speaker cables