Linn or rega

I have a 1980s Linn LP12/ittok with valhalla and sumiko BPS. Sounds cozy and nice but I would like a bit more clarity without losing the analog glow.Would a rega P9 with RB 900 be a good upgrade or should I get the cirkus upgrade to the Linn.
BTW I am looking to replace the cartridge as I find it thin and bass shy..
I'd stay with the Linn. Get the Cirkus update and look into another cart. Suspended 'tables usually will deliver a rather deep bass and soundstage. I'm confused that you should be craving more bass as the LP12 is usually thought of as having a bit of a romantisized mid-bass. Non suspended 'tables - in general - may not go as low but usually enjoy a tighter attack on the bass notes. The sense is one of punchier bass though not a deep. I like the blue point special but really favor the Benz line. Another cart that has grabbed my attention lately has been the Clearaudio Aurum Beta S. Any of those carts will work great with the Ittok.
Just give your local Linn set-up guy some time to do the upgrades and really dial in the suspension system and I'm certain you'll rediscover your 'table all over again.

That's my two cents.
P9/RB900 will bring a deal of clarity but if you want something of Linn in your upgrade, you should consider Basis1600/Basis RB300 combo that brings clarity and musicality as well.
I'd replace the Valhallah with a LIngo (or Naim Armageddon) Power Supply, which will _really_ improve the bass. The Circus helps a bit to control the bottom end, but doesn't really extend it. Many Circus upgrade owners were actually a little disappointed with it, but I think it's a worthwhile addition - after a Lingo. I would also recommend a thorough set-up by a Linn expert. It makes a tremendous difference in performance if the suspension is "in tune."
As for a cartridge, I'd heartily recommend a Dynavector. They work GREAT with a Linn, and you just need to pick a model that matches your Preamp's input. That will certainly add the clarity you're looking for - a definite step up from the BPS. E-mail me if you would like a specific recommendation, and Good Luck!

the rega 9 is coming out now with a new model 9. the arm is the rb 1000. it may be worth checking out, there are a lot of upgrades, wiring, power supply, arm, etc.
I used to work at an audio shop in FL. that sold Linn and Rega. I A/b'd all of them many times and the Linn always came out tops. I also compared the Linn to many other tables that customers wanted to bring in and compare. I can tell you flat out that a well set up Linn will beat any turntable near its price range and many above it. I have probably done 5000 direct A/B comparisons in a private, controlled environment(only one pr. of spkrs in the room at a time) demo room with all kinds of high end equipment. I haave set up hundreds of Linns and it is not hard to do once you've been shown how. I cannot tell you how many times I've watched the Linn slaughter various Oracles. LP12 is a great table, it just looks plain and people want a high tech look many times so they buy some space age looking thing. I recently saw an LP12 Valhalla/ITTOK in nice shape on ebay for $725. That will put you in vinyl heaven for peanuts and you can upgrade it later if you want. Of course it's probably gone now, but I've seen other deals like that out there. I guarantee that if you get a Linn, you will start thinking music instead of audiophile.
Many thanks to everyone who posted a reply.These were helpful comments.I think I will stay with the Linn.
I recently got a new Rega P9 with RB1000 tonearm, and it is an amazing table tonearm combo.

I had a Spectral MCR cartridge on my Linn LP12 which was a kickass rock cartridge. After many years with the Linn I was going to sell it. I brought it to a Linn dealer for a pre-sale tuneup. When it was done we did an A/B to a new full-blown Linn deck with Arkiv....I liked my Spectral better. Until they put a Lyra Helikon SL on my "old" deck and it was awesome! I bought it and staying with the "old" table.
Ya... Look at me, I got a Linn and I hardly have time to post to Audiogon anymore!! I cannot stop listening to that darn thing! It's great!
Yes, stay with the Linn, but please get a different cartridge! There are several MM and MC cartridges that will work better than the Sumiko.

Twl, I know, likes Denon, while others report excellent results with some of the Dynavector line.