Linn Ninkas - LK140 on Bass and LK85 on trebble?

I have a pair of Aktiv Ninkas with an LK140 on the bass and an LK85 on the trebble. It has been suggested I swap them around to have the LK85 on the bass, but I don't buy it. The bass requires much larger signals, therefore the larger amp should be on the bass?

I need to know why any other logic would be better.Does anyone have the same issue?

Also, is there any real adantage to going tri-aktiv with three amps. If so would I go for two LK-85's on bass and the LK140 on trebble, or two LK-140's on bass and the LK85 on trebble, or do I need to sell my LK85 and get three LK140's?

All opinions welcommed, by the way I am using a Genki CD player (variable outputs) directly into the power amps.
Linn recomends the most powerful, thus usually better, especially in their line, amp for the treble.
get a preamp, insert a wakonda and see what happens,bon voyage...preamps are crucial.
I am using LK100 On bass and LK140 Treble with Wakonda and Genki. Sounds Fantastic...however LK100 gets hot and shuts down when played over 45 on Wakonda display for more than 30 min. A fan has helped..but what is wrong? Any help?