Linn Ninka;Tri amp LK85s or bi-amp LK85+LK140 ???

I intent to move with Linn amps, preamp Karin and Aktiv to match with my exisitng ninka spreaker and Meridian 500 transport and 566-20bit Dac. Ninka is a 2 way three drive spreaker Would anyone advice me which setup is better and economical way; tri-amps LK85s or Bi-amps LK85 + LK140 or Bi-amps LK140s or otherelse good setup. Some posts said using LK140 for treble has much detail and clarity than LK85. Is that so much difference?

Thanks for your advice.
I had Ninkas and started by bi-amping with 85's then going bi-amp active and was very happy. Only when I added that third active 85 did these speakers really start to make music. The top end of your Ninkas will be fine with an 85, just don't cheat yourself out of that third active amp. It's where the music starts. If you need amps check my listings.
Griswold, I wonder even tri amps with active 3 LK85s whether LK85 is capable to handle the bass. Should it replace with LK140. Also Ninkas is a two way speaker, the bass and mid drivers are in parallel. Is it significant to improve by tri-amp instead of bi-amp with bigger power LK140 for bas/mid. The money I pay for both setup is not so much difference. The Linn dealer told me Bi-amp LK85+LK140 produce subtle treble and tight control of bass/mid. The power of LK140 is fully utilized than 2 seperate LK85s for bas and mid drivers individually. Do you think it is true?

I never set mine up the way your dealer is suggesting, I can only tell you that when I added the third aktiv amp I noticed a much more controlled bass response. If you have a good relationship with your dealer you should try to get a couple amps home to listen in different configurations and then decide.