Linn Ninka Aktiv? Biamping?

Hi everyone,

I have a pair of Ninkas powered by a Rotel RA-1070 (100 watts x 2 into 8 ohms) as well as a Tannoy TS10 sub to fill out the bottom end because these are really bass shy without it.  I'd like to get more out of the speakers, they're good but I don't love the sound, they're a little tiring to listen to.  Using for music and home theater.

Am I correct that I need to use Linn amps with cards in them to go "Aktiv"?  The info I've read is a little confusing to me.

Can I just biamp the Ninkas instead?  What do I need for that, besides another amp?  Do I need to install cards in the speakers just for biamping?

I'd like to try and not spend too much money on this, so buying a whole new set of amps and cards might be over budget.  Is there an economical way to do this?  Any info would be greatly appreciated.