Linn Movie Classik vs Linn Move Classic Di

Has anyone heard a comparison of the two? On red book cd's is there a difference to justify to 1,000 difference? And is the Classik better than Denon's, Arcam, Rotel receivers? Thanks
Are you crazy or being factitious? LOL

I have never heard the equipment because it is so new ,but rest assured I’d buy the Linn products before I bought the equipment from the mentioned names if cost was no object.

Weather you need Linn or other similar priced gear is the question.There are a number of other notables to consider when getting into that price class and what speakers will you be using?

Linns reputation precedes it in audio I think. I like the slimline designs now and want to get away from bulky big cabinets and alot of heat.

Good luck!
Thanks for the input Penny. I can get a hold of a Movie Classik for 1600 from an authorized dealer. This puts me in the price range of Denon DV2900 and Denon 3803, or an Arcam AVR 200 or Rotel receiver. I am using Dynaudio 52 SE speakers. My primary interest is stereo music quality, with HT secondary. Therefore the reason I wrote this thread was:

1) Would you buy the discontinued Classik for $1600, or pay the extra 2400 for the Classik DI (is the difference worth the price?

2) Is the "older" Classik, for $1600, comparable to the newer Denon stuff, or the well established Arcam.

3) For $1600 what components would you buy for 2 stereo and HT as a plus.

I'd buy Linn over anything the japanese can create I think. I did just buy a Panasonic SA-XR45 Digital Receiver that is getting raves from alll quarters at the moment and if you want to see what you can do with $300 then try one. You might just save a ton of $$ and be greatly rewarded.

If it were me I would get the Linn products followed by the Panasonic.

Please do not laugh at the thought of a $300 receiver being so good. It has been compared to megabuck stuff and held it's own.I know it bettered a Rotel and did good against a $4K Tube Amp to mention a few.

Get the Panny if you have a Digital Based system.I sold off $2000 worth of equipment I cannot use because it is that good,for now.


Larry, is the Panasonic good for HT as well? From what I've read, you need to re-program the unit flat to get good 2 channel sound. Is it a hassle to change it back and forth between 2c and HT?
My understanding is the DI includes more HT options (like more video inputs and such.) I asked my Linn dealer the same question and he said that for audio, there is no remarkable difference.

Hope this is helpful
I would buy the original CLassik...they can be found used for $7-800 on this site...good luck...I wouldnt pay what they are asking for retail...or the extra 1k for the newer model...there are plenty other options at those price points...such as seperate componets...cheers...
The Panasonic Component is not a big hassle to change from 4-2 channel I do not think unless you get the SA-XR25 unit.

If you are going for 2 channel sound I think you will be more happy with the Linn stuff,but you can cut corners bvy trying the Panny unit.