Linn Mimik or Rega Planet?

Hi! My system consists of a Linn Majik combined with the Linn Katans. I want to add a CD player now. I am considering a Linn Mimik or a Rega Planet. Can anyone of you comment on how these two compare? Which of these two would be a better match to my system? Any comments are welcome!
Thanks, Bruno
They are both great players. I owned a mimik for 2.5 yrs(as well as a majik), and now own a Karik III. The mimik does all of the things linn cd players are known for - it can sound slightly restrained on certain recordings (but still very musical) while on others it sounds incredibly detailed and 'live'. This player may not always impress immediately, but when you hear a lesser player you will miss your mimik immediately.

The Planet is more forward sounding than the Mimik while remaining smooth/not harsh. I've not heard a Planet with a Majik, but I've heard it in an all Rega system, a YBA system, and a rotel system.

In the all-Rega system it sounded almost too etched - but to me the Rega Mira sounds a tad bright and perhaps grainy. Your majik on the other hand picks up the shortcomings of the mira. Where the mira may have caused the planet to sound harsh, the mimik may provide the necessary subtlety and smoothness.

In the YBA system (with Audio-Note speakers, I think), the Planet sounded amazing. (to my ears, being accustomed to my Linn system).

In the Rotel system it sounded fine - it had B&W speakers - (& I's dislikes B&W's to pieces) - so I can't really get very enthusisatic here ...

Finally, do you want a nice neat stack of two beautiful Linn boxes, or do you have room for a piece of modern art next to the Mimik. (I'm referring to the original Planet - I prefer the original in terms of build quality and design)

You really can't go wrong with either, especially for the prices these are going for these days (325 - 500 depending on condition and age).

Good luck and enjoy whichever you choose - should sound awesome with the Katan's too..
Hi Neubilder, thanks for your sensible comments. Some posts/reviews gave me the impression that the Rega may be a bit unlively, almost too tamed, whereas the Mimik seems not to have have major flaws but may lack some of the "singing character" the Rega has. Unfortunately I can't compare the two myself. Nevertheless, based on your and other comments, I have decided to go for the Mimik, hoping to get some synergism from having a pure Linn chain (I like the "Linn" sound [know Karik/Numerik, Ikemi, Kairn, Klout, Majik, Katans], though I would go for Spectral if money would not matter). And having a "nice neat stack of Linn boxes" and only one remote control is also advantageous. In addition, I have learnt from other posts that the Mimik is doing well with relatively cheap Linn interconnects whereas the Rega is considered more picky in terms of cables.
Thanks, Bruno