Linn Mimik CD Issue

I have a Linn Mimik that I purchased new in 1994, that has a fairly new laser replacement from Linn (replaced 2004, maybe 100 hrs use) and it just doesn't like to play certain disks produced from 1997-1998 (and some enhanced CDs/burned CDs). Linn does not service the unit anymore and I'm trying to figure out if it's even worth have a technician look at. Has anyone ever noticed that their old Mimik just wouldn't play certain vintage CD's? If so, do you know anything about the background of this issue or a solution? I've had others say this player just didn't play some CDs, not software issues... Here's what Linn had to say as of late...

"I have spoke to our technicians about the behavior of your Mimik and have concluded that there must be a component in the laser assembly (mechanical or electrical) that has degraded. It would seem that the laser diode is not operating within specification.

Variations in temperature, jolting and wear of mechanics (belt) can cause a player to act this way, even though there are not many hours on the laser."

Any thoughts based on your experience? Thanks.
My Mimik doesn't have any problems of the kind you describe. My first thought was that the laser is misaligned, possibly by being bumped. Howwever, that should affect all CD's. Since it is only specific CD's that it has trouble with, I'm thinking it is an issue related to the CD, not the player. On the other hand, it is also possible that a certain technical problem only causes problems with certain types of CDs. So it could be a player problem, not a CD problem.

So the bottom line is that I don't know.

Used Mimiks sell for about $350-$450. It's probably worth the cost a tech would charge to have a look at it, especially since the laser is relatively new. Whether it is worth repairing would depend upon what the tech finds and how much it would cost to repair it.
Thanks Mark. Seems like the way to proceed. Jeff
I have the same issue with my Linn Mimik Cd player. It just wont play certain CD's. Ones burned from I-tunes seems to be non-playable, but some store purchased ones as well. Ummmm? No answer. It sounds good with the ones it does play.