Linn Majik vs Puccini vs Anthem 1 ADVICE

I heard, great reviews, on all three mentioned integrated. Which one is BEST over-all performer? Thanks!
Forget about reviews! I own Linn Majik, i purchased it(only)after days and days of listening, auditioning and ....! All three are aparently different kind of "animal". The prefference is yours! Regards
I've had a Majik for about four years and have been impressed by its reliability, ergonomics, and sound. The Majik has been around for awhile (since about 1994), and I'm not sure it's still a good value at full retail price. However, at $600 used on the net, I believe it's a bargain. There's a good review comparing the Linn to the Audio Analogue at The reviewer found that the Majik is perhaps more dry and analytical than the Puccini, which is characterized as having a warmer, more forward sound. Good luck. It goes without saying that the best way to make this decision is through trying the amps at home. Unfortunately, not all dealers let you do this. A friend of mine bought an Audio Analogue amp/preamp through the mail from the distributor and had a good experience.