Linn Majik Vs Linn LK85 & Linn Majik (amp / preamp)

Fifteen months ago I moved overseas with a Linn Majik I integrated amp and a Meridian 551 integrated & Meridian 504 tuner. I since sold the Meridian gear and kept the Linn Majik I (the older shoe box sized integrated). I now have an opportunity to pick up a Linn LK85 and use the Majik as a preamp.

I do not believe the LK85 has the Activ cards installed and I’m not looking to purchase Linn speakers either. I’m a little worried about using the Majik as a stand alone preamp, since as an integrated, it has its own amplification circuitry inside.

Would a stand alone Linn preamp (Linn Karin or Kolector) be better than using a Linn Majik as a preamp, or is this splitting hairs and they are virtually the same?


Lastly, the LK85 uses the Deltron plugs, whereas my Linn Majik does not. I use banana plugs. Are banana plugs better, worse, or the same as the Deltron plugs?

Thank you so much for your insight.

Rest of system:

Monitor Audio R700 MD

Ariston RD 80 SL / Jelco arm / Grado ZC+

Schiit Mani

Nakamichi DR2

Audiolab 6000 CDT

Bluesound Node 2i

AudioGd NFS-1C DAC