Hi all. If anyone has the Linn Majik LP12 package I'd like to hear what you think about it. Actual owners or those who has listened to it only please. I'm not interested in theoretical discussions. Thanks very much.
Love mine
I went from a Rega p3-24 to the Majik package. I kept my Lyra Dorian and sold the Adikt. Hello tight bass and timing. Eventually a Lingo 2. Improved the dynamics considerably and made 33/45 speed change convenient. Recently, my dealer made me a deal I couldn't refuse on Ekos SE tonearm. More of everything + ridiculously good dynamics and detail. Loss of sleep, smile on face. Next, the Radikal... To be continued.
I've heard the Majik several times and I think it's nice - IF, you have a very qualified setup person, AND, you are prepared to be constantly thinking about the next upgrade -tonearm, Keel, Lingo, whatever. There's nothing wrong with that, in fact I think it's sort of cool that the Majik gives you the ability to upgrade gradually. One more thing I didn't know before I bought my Linn. It is EXTREMELY sensitive to footfalls. If you have springy floors you must go with a wallshelf or else the arm is going to skip if you look at the thing the wrong way.
I would suggest that before you buy a New Majik that you look into a good used LP12. I think in the long run you will have a table that affords you much more opportunity to upgrade. You can contact Rick at as he 1st) does an excellent job at setting up Linns and 2nd) always has 3-4 used LP12s that he has set up in various upgrade stages ready to go. I have an LP12 and even though I have entertained changing tables (it's an audio-nut thing) he has mine set up to a "T" and it sounds great. My comment about trading is just a personality fault I have for change, I will probably never sell my LP12 as I haven't ever found a table I like better.
As far as the footfall issues. Yes Wall Shelf is a good solution, but I have mine on Aurios and have the cabinet
braced against athe wall behind it and the "skipping" doesn't occur unless I start doing Pete Townsend Windmills on my Air Guitar.
If considering a wall shelf - you owe it to yourself to try Quadraspire's new(ish) Q4evo Bamboo. It sounds great and looks sharp too IMHO.
Can't talk about the Majik, but in my experience, having started off with a Basik power supply and then upgraded to a Lingo 2, the difference was quite considerable. Before the Lingo, I didn't think there really was much of a difference between my olde Rega and the LP12. As for footfalls, my table sits on an old Sound Organisation 3 tier stand which is on a wood floor. Waliking around the room is never a problem. I guess Linn's suggestion of a light and solid stand is the right one.
Bought my Majik after head to head comparison with a McIntosh MT10. Majik hands down better sound and the price diff left me enough room to get Lingo2 & black plinth. Very happy with the sound. Musical and precise. I recently improved my rig by upgrading to Radical which includes power supply and motor change to DC. Really good improvement in low mid and bass crispness and precision. Noticeably better background depth/silence. Next upgrade is toss up between cartridge or arm. But don't conclude that my upgrading is due to dissatisfaction. After hearing the full blown LP12, there are a number of improvements that are available and effective. Footfall is there but it's an annoyance as opposed to a real shortcoming. But good setup is important just like any quality component. 
I think anyone having an issue with footfalls should seriously consider upgrading the bottom plate to a Trampolin 2.
The Tramp 2 is a very nice upgrade by itself...and if you are plagued by footfalls, a no brainer.