Linn Majik, Karik- speaker match-up?

...any non Linn speakers that would "go" with Linn Majik, Karik combo, that doesn't need more power. Up to $1000,(new/used) i am interesed in Legacy studio's. i would appreciate more suggestions from owners of Linn eq. that use other speakers. Listen mostly classical, from Mahler to Vivaldi's guitar, choruses,...mostly acoustic instuments and voices. Thanks
I currently use Meadowlark Kestrels "Hot Rod" version with Linn TT and components with very good results. Audition the Kestrels, and go for the bi-wire version if you can find a good used pair. They're a breeze to drive, are clean, clear and fast, and you'll save money on stands. The list is $1500, but used ones are readily available well below $1000. Caveat: your room can't be too "live," it has a tendency to make the Meadowlarks sound bright or harsh. The room is a component, I'm sure you already know! Feel free to contact me with any more questions. -John
Thank you John! I checked some reviews on "Audioreview" and it looks "pretty good". Which monobloKs did you get Klimax?
Nope, a pair of second-hand LK240s that I found on this site. They're a little "dry" sounding compared to the LK85 I had, and the Majik as I remember it. But VERY detailed and fast with tighter, more textured bass. That's another benefit of the floor-standing Kestrels. They have transmission-line bass loading. I don't feel shortchanged for my wants in the bass department. The Klimaxes well exceed the law of diminishing returns. My aspirations are much more modest, with more cash left over for LPs! (and a few CDs, too)
I have owned the Majik and Meadowlark Kestrel combo at home, and I think, that for the money the Kestrel is hard to beat. Lively and airy top end, with an awesome tight and tuneful bass that is hard to believe for a speaker so small. You can get a pair used for 650-750. good luck, Ryan Stratton
Thank you all i guess i'll be getting me a new speakers!?
Great! I would be interested in your opinion of the Meadowlarks in your system. Let me know what you think of them. I think they're a great match with Linn. With my current setup, I would someday (within 5 yrs.) aspire to the "Hot Rod" Herons, perhaps via the Shearwaters.
...thanks ...dok, i'll let you know, also send me your e-mail (used hot-rod's, look like are hard to get) D.