Linn majik good or not?

I am ready to get my first nice setup in along time (grad school!).
I want to get an amp, speakers & cd player and also hook up my computer which servers as a flac jukebox.
I want to spend < $2500
I have the opportunity to buy a Linn Majik new for $850 (no phono, but thats not needed anyway). I listened to it and it sounds nice for the price! But i ahve always been a fan of the simple looks of them, so I might be biased.

Is this a good piece of equipment ?
That would leave some $ for some B&W speakers.
My living room is about 14*20, so I dont need a huge amount of power and lsiten to a fairly broad range of music (classic,jazz,electronic).


Since you already have the computer, you can rip your CD's to the hard drive uncompressed and use it as a high quality Juke Box. On another thread, you were asking about sound cards. I would check out the Apogee Mini-DAC. It is expensive, but since you will save money with this set-up, you can afford the high-end sound card. If you haven't already upgraded to the Panther Operating System, you might want to do that. This *may* be why your computer is crashing with the sound card you're using now. Now, all you need is amplification and speakers. I would make the same recommendation to you that I made in another thread. I would buy a set pair of Mackie HR824 "active" Studio Monitors. These are bi-amped and sound great. They are used in many recording studios. This way, you don't have to run your signal through any more boxes before it gets to your speakers. With your G4 Mac, Apogee DAC and Mackie HR824's, you will have a great sounding system.
That was actually my initial idea... G4-DAC-Mackies.
I actually listened to the Mackies. Nice sounding! A tad ugly for a living room :-)
Anyway, I also listened to some B&W 705's with a B&W sub and liked their sound better. Because of that and since I wanted a seperate amp so i could switch to other sources (phono, DVD player for movies etc.). I was considering the Linn as a nice unassuming amp since I dont need multichannel sound. I compared it to a NAD in the same price range (<$1000) and actually both sounded pretty good.
Any experience with the Linn?
Some people here don't care for Linn, except maybe the LP12. I am not one of those, I like Linn gear. Used it is a great value for the money. You can't go wrong with a new Majik for $850 (go for it). Majik is very flexible, can be used as integerated, pre-amp, power amp, or even add a tuner module to make it a receiver.
Majik has a very agreeable sound, not too much or too little of anything, except maybe power. I have done a fair share of listening to a Majik at the Linn dealer. I have owned Linn separates, and currently own a Linn Classik, which has a similar amp to the Majik. I also own a NAD receiver used as a pre/tuner with NAD power amp. They are good, but if the choice was Linn Majik or NAD integrated, I would choose Linn.
I have owned the Majik, and I think 850.00 used sounds a bit high. I have seen them more than a few times for 600.00. It's a good sounding integrated and has some beef to it so you feel like you've got something for your money. I don't think it's much better in sound than the Creek 4330 and it's less powerful. If your not to hooked on the Linn look then you can do as good or better for less money I think, leaving you extra money to put elswhere.
If you re-read the original post, Runner77 says the Majik in question is "NEW" for $850. This would be a great deal.

Hi, here is my three cents.

I used to own the Linn Majik and Classik with CD built in to the unit. You can do much better!!! Even on your small budget.

I like alot of "presence" in my music, "You are there" feeling. And as such, I have found the Jolida hybrid tube / ss integrated amps to be excellent! (Can usually get a good deal on them here at the AGon.) Make sure you have effecient speakers, as the amp section is not overly powerful, but better suited for speakers of 88db and up. 90 db would be even better.

After doing some in home "ABing", I found that my very affordable DVD player from Panasonic sounded better than the Linn CD player built into the Classik I had a year ago. Ouch! Which is what got me rather disenchanted, and started looking elsewhere for the whole setup. Linn is a very reputable company, but I found that even after listening to their higher priced gear is not my "cup of tea".

Some great affordable name brands to check out for gear are Jolida, Music Hall. By the way, you might want to visit with Walter Liederman at Underwood Hi-Fi a bit, or some other guys who advertise on the AGon for this gear. For myself, I can attest that Walter is a straight shooter, will listen to your sonic thoughts, and is very respectful and patient of any final decisions you make. I wish all my dealer experiences in 20 years of HiFi-ing were as good.

By the way, I like the Jolida CD player too. But based on the tubes you run in the integrated, you may prefer the sound of another CD player.

I do not know anything about your computer hook up. You will have to get that integrated on your own.

One of the nicest things about all this gear is that it can be moddified and improved upon. It makes a big difference, and is an excellent return on the investment. Can grow with the piece of gear.

Good Luck, write if questions.

If you're set on an integrated amp -- the Jolida hybrid would be a great choice. You can usually find them used here on A'Gon. If you're going for passive monitors, I would suggest the Sonus Fabers.
The Majik is a great little rockin amp with the guts to drive just about anything. It is much better than the Classik and has the ability to give a glimpse of real hifi. Perfoms best with 4 ohm speakers in my opinion such as the now discontinued Tukans. The unusual thing about it is that, unlike a lot of amps, instruments actually sound lifelike. One example that sticks in my mind is when I used to own Bryston ST series with the BP25 pre at one time and although the Bryston could dig out more detail, it did not sound more real. I recall once listening to an outdoor nature track, and with the the Linn , rain sounded like rain, compared to my Brystons where the rain sounded like static. The Majik can also be upgraded substantially to a preamp by inserting a special Linn jumper inside the unit which routes the power entirely to the preamp section (as opposed to just removing the jumpers in the back of the unit). Probably one of the best values out there right now. If you get one, I would also recommend getting one with the phono section since it is a modest addition to cost and these are much more sought after in the used market.