Linn Majik CD vs Ayre CX-7E CD

I'm looking for a new CD player and have focused in on the Linn Majik and Ayre cx-7e. The hitch is that they are sold by two different dealers, and I've only heard them on two different systems, which of course makes it difficult to ascertain what the meaningful differences might be between the two. Has anyone compared these two on the same system? Thoughts as to how they differ? Strengths/weaknesses? Would appreciate any impressions that folks might want to share. Tks!

love the sound of the linn, ayre very good , but the overall quietness , and imaging, and black spaces seperating music stunning
I'm pretty sure Audio Illusions in Ft Collins, CO carries both lines. No doubt there are other places as well. If a visit is out of the question, I bet the owner Rick could at least give you his impressions.