Linn Majik CD v Ayre Cx-7 v Bryston BCD-1

Hello all,

I'm looking for a new CDP to replace my Sony DVP-NS9100ES. The rest of my system is Linn Exotik, C5100, Ninkas, Trikan.

Has anyone compared the Linn Majik CD to the CX-7 or BCD-1? I would be looking at used and budget is a consideration (maybe 2000 max).

Other thoughts are the Cambridge 840C, Sony XA5400, the Bryston BDA-1 DAC or Benchmark DAC. The seperate DAC or 840 would let me run my Squeezebox into them which would be a benefit.

The second group (except the BDA-1) are cheaper, maybe 1000 used. Is here a great difference between the first group and the second?

Lastly, I like most varieties of music but don't listen to much classical. Most of my music if RB with a few SACDs.

Well, if you get the Ayre you should definitely consider getting the MP upgrade for an additional $250. It's kind of the next generation in digital filtering that the others do not have.
I've only listened to the Linn and the Bryston. I bought the Bryston. For me there was no comparison. The Bryston was dynamic and real as opposed to the linn. But you really need to listen to judge what you like. I didn't listen to the ayre. I tried to listen to an Ayre but the dealers I went to directed me to the Bryston or Meridian instead.
I owned the Ayre which was excellent, I auditioned the Linn at home, I have both a McIntosh MVP861 and a Sony 5400es. I listen to the Sony all the time. Nothing has played better than the Sony XA-5400es in my system.

The Sony is also a lot less than your choices above.