Linn LP12 - Which one to purchase?

Hi, There are two LP12's on audiogon I am considering.

1.) 1994 - Cirkus/Ittok LVIII/Lingo/Trampolin (don't care for this, would sell)/K18II/sn 94xxx Asking - $2150. This is individual seller who answered all questions concerning disassembling correctly.

2.) 2003 - Cirkus/Black Ittok LVII/Valhalla/Adikt/Maple plinth which is cool/sn new series xxxxxx, less than 1 year except Ittok. Asking - $1950. This seller works at a Linn shop in CA, seems very well educated about Linn's.

I'm leaning toward the new one only because it's 9 years newer and taken care of by a Linn dealer. The only thing holding me back is the Lingo vs Valhalla. I don't have a great need for 45rpm but wonder which is better, more stable? Thanks
For a variety of reasons I'd go for the table with the Lingo. I was skeptical of the Lingo myself until I upgraded from the Valhalla. The LV III is also supposed to be a better arm than the LV II, essentially the eqivalent of an Ekos I. I have never owned an LV III, but I can assure you that an Ekos is a better arm than the LV II. Even though you may like the maple plinth on the newer table, the Ittok on it would have to be at least a six or seven years old, and I don't think that Linn has made the Valhalla power supply for two to three years. Either table will have to be disassembled to be properly and safely shipped to you, so it is irrelevant who has set it up in the past. Finally, a new Lingo would set you back $1500, so the older table would seem to be a much greater value IMHO.
I agree with Thsalmon. The LVIII is a much better arm than the LVII, and harder to find. The difference between Valhalla and Lingo power supplies is very noticeable. (And if you ever get into audiophile discs, there are some good ones which were cut at 45 rpm.)

The K18 cartridge is roughly equivalent to the Shure V15 V MR, although it doesn't sound the same. The rest of the Lingoed unit is good enough that the cartridge can be upgraded without changing other things.

The Trampolin is useful if you've placed your LP12 on a coffee table or a sideboard. Otherwise, I agree with you about removing it. If you can get a good-quality wall shelf, try using that and putting hockey pucks under the corners of your Trampolin-less TT. I like the soft kind, used for practice or back-alley shooting, but you may prefer regular hard rubber.
Hello all of You!

Sorry, but to my knowledge..., the "Last one Fabricated"...much better!

Linn, made some big "Internally" improvements, that newest is offered with the "Regular" Circus/Lingo (NOW a Newer...Better One). etc... AND...MUST be fitted the "Today's NO more fabricated" Naim ARO arm + their Power supply named Argmaddon, which again is much better in terms of "Sound"..that any Lingo Old or Newer.

Also I hear from these Newer LP-12 owner that his 2003 model with black plinth and white dust cover, remain "Tuning" for ever, and NOT as the olds one, that each temperature swift... change the whole suspension tuning.

For the "Finale"...Look for a Brand New One!

All my best wishes...