Linn LP12. What tonearm and cartridge?

I have a Linn LP12 w/Akito and Rega cartridge. I want to upgrade my analog front to something better. How is SME V with the table? If it's ok, what would be great cartridge to go with it? Thank you.
I have seen reports in the British press that the SME is not a good match for the LP-12. I would investigate the Ekos, Naim ARO, Morch, or the Graham 2.0 as more viable choices for the Linn. As for myself, I'd love to put a Graham on my LP-12. As for cartridges, I can't speak highly enough of the Benz LO.4 I'm currently using (that is, if your system is MC capable). It's perhaps the best value cartridge Benz makes. Others on the site should echo the praises of the L0.4. Good luck in you upgrading!
Well, alot will depend on what you listen to. I love the Ittok on my Linn, no longer availble so check out the Ekos which replaced it. Naim arms go well, and I agree the Graham would also be good. Do you have the upgrades such as Vahalla or Lingo, either will help bass extension. You may even want to think Rega on arms, maybe a 600 or a 900 both very good. On cartridges, that greatly will depend on what you listen to. I love Kotesu MC on my Linn, it resolves a ton of detail. Laugh if you will, but a Shure V15VmX makes agreat choice for rock or records that are warped. Grado low output series also are good rockers.
Thanks alot for your inputs! I just purchased the Micro-Benz Ref. cartridge to replace my rega, it changed everything. The sound is now much more refined, and soft, as oppose with the rega, it was forward and upfront.. The dynamic of the music has also changed, now the music has more layers and details are better resolved..But the Ref. cost as much as 5 times more than the rega...
had an lp12/ittok/valhalla/k9 loved it, wished for more detail & image. best combination i have heard for image was lp12/ittok ii/valhalla/linn karma(linn dealer agrees) heard
lp12/ekos/lingo/troika with opus 3 flamenco recording...fastest most dynamic thing i have ever heard but due to room i couldn't get a good idea of the image
I heard the LP-12 with a Graham and thought it was NOT a good match. The Ekos was a better match and I really knew what they (reviewers) meant when said the Ekos adds "zing" to the presentation. I have heard the ARO and liked it the best.
I had an Akito 1 and an AT OC-9 on my Lingoed LP12. The arm got damaged and with under $ 1500 to spend I settled on a rewired ( Cardas wiring ) Rega RB 300 with the Express Machining Heavy Weight counterweight and VTA adjuster base. Cartridge is a Benz Glider 2.

In the course of my research I was told that the SME IV and V arms are problematic on the LP12 because the TT suspension needs a relatively massive arm to compress it to thepoint where setup becomes easy and / or stable. So check your arm assembly's mass before you buy--a measurement around the same as that of the Ekos means the arm's a good bet for an LP12.
Get a used Ittok (make sure the bearings are good) and get the new Sumiko Celebration cartridge. You'll come in under $2,000.00. Only then will you be able to look in the mirror and dig yourself.