Linn LP12 Turntable Upgrades - Superb new Stack Audio UK - Alto range

Well it's not very often that I sing the praises of companies, but I felt that I had to share my personal experience of some superb new LP12 upgrade components from Stack Audio UK. So here are my thoughts, which I hope will be of some benefit to other members.
Well the Stack Audio “wizardry” is now complete, along with a bit of fitting magic from my trusty local Linn dealer
New Stack Alto Sub-chassis, Arm-board and Cross-brace. I was very impressed with the quality of the new parts and I was very impressed in how it now sounded. My local Linn dealer also felt exactly the same way as I did. He also said that the new Alto parts were of exceptional quality, excellent to work with and to fit.
These new Stack Audio Alto parts replace what were previously very early Stack Audio Serene parts made out of Sold Surface material apart from the cross-brace, which was acrylic. Those earlier parts were also of very good quality, by the way.
I am extremely happy with how these new Stack Audio Alto parts compliment many other key components of my Linn Sondek LP12. I have also retained the Stack Audio Ultimate Baseboard, fitted in 2017. Together these Stack Audio components provide a very solid foundation to my LP12. This allows the Karousel bearing, Audio Origami PU7 tonearm and Dynavector DV 20x2L cartridge to extract the musicality from the grooves of the record more than I had experienced before.
So how does it sound now? Quite superb to be honest.
The bass seems a little deeper, a little more defined and the whole soundstage just seems a little bit clearer too. Trebles are that bit brighter. Vocals are clear, warm and very engaging.  Overall the deck sounds very musical indeed. It just feels as if all the artists are in the room.
“The music sounds just like it really ought to”
I can most certainly highly recommend these new Stack Audio components, which I feel offer superb quality and performance and extremely good value for money. Theo Stack, the owner is also a really great guy to deal with
If you don't know about the whole new range of Linn LP12 upgrade components available, then you really should ;look them up.

Records used to test were:-
Paul Simon  “Negotiations & Love Songs” Simon & Garfunkel  “Greatest Hits”, Norah Jones  “Come Away With Me”, Bruce Springsteen “Western Stars”,  Wings “Band On The Run” and “Venus and Mars”, Cat Stevens “Tea For The Tillerman”,  Bob Dylan “ Desire” and Blood On The Tracks”, Dire Straits “ Dire Straits” along with Snow Patrol tracks, “ Chocolate”, “Chasing Cars” and Run.

Thanks for your comments. I am owner of a new Linn LP12 Akurate… and will be upgrading components over the next couple years. I love the table with the Koetsu Rosewood Signature cartridge.
That sounds like a great LP12. Really pleased that you are enjoying it. The wonderful thing about an LP12 is the opportunity to upgrade it bit by bit or not at all, depending upon budget and personal preference.
I am very much enjoying mine, a few parts of which are now 30 years old

Enjoy the music !
I've had a Linn since the 80s so I know it pretty well. I have upgraded it periodically and today its only original parts are the inner and outer platter. I installed a Stack corian subchassis a few years ago and now have the Stack Alto subchassis. Both are far better value for money and better sounding than Linn parts anywhere near their price.

Pleased that you are also enjoying the Alto sub-chassis upgrade. My own deck has retained the original outer platter, top-plate, plinth and motor along with the original lid and hinges. All the other parts have been replaced over the past few years many with 3rd party parts..
Theo builds a high quality streamer too. He is not a software developer and would be best served to cut a deal for a custom Volumio build like miniDSP and Pro+Ject did. Or hire a 12 y.o. genius.
Yes I am fully aware that he builds a high quality streamer too. If I were into streaming then it would certainly be on my list..