Linn LP12 Transcription Repair

Just had my LP 12 repaired and turns out that it was the Vahalla board.
The shop replaced a number of components...mostly capacitors looks like.

Now when I start it up, the platter gives the very slightest little wiggle after a
second or two. It still sounds great...doesn’t seem to have affected that.
My only concern is that it did not do this before.

Is this anything to be concerned about?
I imagine if the LP12 runs normally once it's started up that it's OK.

If I had to guess, it's more likely to be a suspension issue. The tuning of the springs might have been changed by the shop.
Seems to play fine...probably being picky.

Any ideas in the isolation matt area for something inexpensive?
This is something that I hear about with some turntables. I can't say that is your issue for sure; however, when a turntable motor starts up, it sometimes takes a second or two for the motor speed to stabilize. It is possible that the motor gets going, the platter accelerates, the inertia of the platter, as it accelerates to speed, actually causes it to rotate a tiny bit faster than the proper speed. The motor then stabilizes, the belt grabs the platter and slows it down to proper rotation speed, which is what the shudder may be. It's all over in a few seconds. So if your table is a fine a few seconds after this initial start up, I wouldn't worry.
Thanks for the input all...nice analysis. Just kind of sensitive since it’s the first time it has been cracked in 18-20 or so years. Not bad I guess.