Linn LP12 factory power supply upgrade or 3rd party? Need to do 45’s.

I’m bringing my original Linn LP12 with Ittok arm out of the box after over 20 years of storage. Too many good records that I haven’t heard! Mine had a few tweaks from my Dayton, Ohio dealer (who is no longer there). 

I have some great 12” DJ singles that I would like to play as well as some 45 double album versions of epic CD’s. 

Not sure which Lingo power supply Linn is on right now and if it is financially responsible to go down the Linn upgrade rabbit hole since the closest Linn dealer appears to be Overture Audio in Ann Arbor, MI. I’m beginning to think selling off the Linn and getting a USA made table from SOTA or VPI might be more productive. Could folks give me your opinions here? I appreciate it.

Also, what about the Hercules aftermarket power supply for the Linn in order to get the ability to play 45’s? I remember seeing “Stamford Audio?” A dealer in England and some from Hong Kong a few years back but now I can’t tell if there are any current offerings. 
Depends on your budget. Any of the Lingo models with give you the ability to play 45's. The current Lingo 4 is a great way to go...if it meets the budget. Otherwise, even an old shoe box Lingo would be a nice upgrade, keeping in mind the age and the possibility that future repairs will be needed. Lots of options with the LP12 platform...all budget dependent.
Hello, I use a Hercules and it seems to work fabulously.  I have a bearing upgrade insight for my LP12.

+1 for the Hercules power supply. I purchased it plus a new motor for $800 US installed. That’s about half the cost of a new entry level VPI. 
Hello again, masi61... I reread your inquiry a few more times. There is a case to be made for selling the Linn and buying, say, a good used SL-1200 and investing in a really good cartridge, for example. I was given a 1978 Linn and have returned it to service. It’s been an entertaining process, though it has taken time and money to get to the point that I am satisfied.
I already own a great MC cartridge. In the past year and a half I have tried three phono preamps.
For the Linn I have added the Hercules PS and motor and a Cirkus bearing well and Edmund Chan inner platter. And a Tiger Paw bearing relief kit. And expensive platter and headshell mats. Money-wise that’s about $2100 all told. I installed the TP assembly and Cirkus bearing well and inner platter myself and probably could have done the Hercules myself too. The Linn rabbit hole.
I live no more than 10 miles from no fewer than one Linn dealer and three other Linn “experts.” My experience has been hit-or-miss with these experts.
So, depending on your time vs. budget priorities it’s worth considering an alternative to the Linn. 
That being said, I really like my LP-12 and have no plans to replace it or upgrade it further. It sounds great. Good luck and have fun!