Linn LP12 Extreme Mod ?

Search engine landed the site that has some really intriguing upgrades and parts for Linn LP12. Anyone knows who they are, or have installed the mods ?
See for the manufacturer of the carbon composite subchassis.I am aware of at least 5 individuals that have reported positive results using the Cetech LP12 subchassis.
According to a Cetech spokesman, the carbon armboard is primarily cosmetic but most certainly cool looking.
While you are browsing Cetech, please do check out the Cetech VCS isolation platforms.I can comfortably recommend these low mass/high rigidity/rapid evacuation devices as a quality alternative to my own Neuance isolation platforms.

Ken Lyon
A thread has devloped at the Audio Asylum forum which indicates that Jet968 is one of several monikers used by Extremephono.
It appears that I naively responded to a thread that was instituted purely to promote thru deceit.
The monikers that "Jet968" uses are "Extremephono"(on this site)& "Busybusy" (used at AA and eBay).There appear to be others as well.
business relationship between www.extremephono and "Busybusy":

Busybusy, responding as his "jet968" sockpuppet, with a reference to e-bay:

Busybusy admitting that he and jet968 are one and the same:

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