Linn LP12 Bearing Lube

A question for LP12 owners who have replaced their bearing lubricant. I have an early LP12 (1978 or 79, bearing with silver housing and white liner), and need to put new lube in the bearing (it is absolutely dry, I just discovered!).

Several hours (!) of searching various Linn threads proves that you can find diametrically opposed recommendations for anything! The recommended lube, of course, comes from Linn, but the U.S. importer, Spinning Dog Records, is out of stock, and doesn't know when new stock will arrive. The recommendations for alternatives in various threads run from "spindle oil" which is very thin (according to one thread, the Linn oil is "velocite #6 spindle oil") to the opposite, 80 weight gear oil, which is pretty thick, and various synthetic motor oils in between.

So, turning to my trusted A'gon-ites, has anyone who owns a Linn tried any alternative, and what are your recommendations and experiences? Thanks! (If I'm lucky, the responses will at least be consistent...)
Try the Linn shop on ebay and see if they have it; let them know that the US importer has none. I got mine from Spinning Dog last year; I understood that they were going out of business.
Stanwal: Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately the Linn Shop on eBay doesn't stock the oil. The other British audio supplier on eBay (LB Audio) has a specific note that they can no longer supply oil to the U.S. because "Due to heightened security concerning imported liquids, this is resulting in considerable delays to the mentioned countries." Any other options come to mind?

Spinning Dog's site seems operational, and lists the oil, but when you try to order it you get the "out of stock, contact us for availability" notice.
You can try Mobil 1, can get from any auto shop. I used it a few years ago from an online tip, works fine. It's clear not like Linn oil black.
I received the following some time ago:

Greetings Stanley:

We will be closing our doors permanently by the end of November. We appreciate your business over the past 7 years. To show our appreciation, we are offering all of our in-stock music titles at 60% off retail. Just enter “sixty” at checkout to receive the discount.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Thanks again for your support over the past 7 years.

To be taken off our mailing list, just respond to this email and put “remove” in the subject line.



Jeffrey L. Olbrich
Audio, Visual, and Print Specialists, LLC
Spinning Dog Records, LLC
101 W Pecan, Unit B
Pflugerville, TX 78660
Go onto the Linn website, look up US dealers and send each one an email.
Contact Rick at, he is a LP12 Guru. Anything you need from oil, to mats, belts or full tune up, Rick is the best. He has my LP12 sounding as good as it can without adding more upgrades.
I have an LP12, and have used Singer sewing machine oil as the lubricant on the bearing for years (got the suggestion from another long-time LP12 owner). It works fine.
Stan & Everyone Else Who Has Responded: The saga has reached a good conclusion, with some discoveries along the way.

First, Stan is (unfortunately) correct, Spinning Dog is indeed going out of business. I spoke with them on the phone today, after emailing them over the weekend. Two things happened. First, very appropriate for the season, Kelly found one last vial of Linn black oil, which is now on its way. She also provided a recommendation for the future, Stan Zedine (if I have the spelling correct), at Shelley's Stereo & Video (California), 818-716-8500. She said that they have a good stock of Linn parts, and she has been referring customers to them.

I also got two other alternative recommendations, first from Theo's post above, Rick at (Colorado) , and from AA, Thomas at Nokturne Audio (Michigan). Since Kelly came to my rescue, I didn't have to use either of these, they were next on my list.

I also tried two contacts closer to my home in NJ, but neither the Linn dealer in the state, nor the U.S. distributor, TC Group in Buffalo, NY, has gotten back to me yet (left voice mails with both).