Linn lp12

I recently installed a new motor in my Linn thinking that was the problem. Apparently will not start unless I manuely turn the platter and bring it up to speed, otherwise it just humms. No good stereo shops in my area...any suggestions? Have it in a shop here now, but not to confident in their ability. They have never seen anything like the Linn...not good. They tell me it would help if they had a schematic...don't have! lol..this is not good.
Where are you? I live in California. I too am a Linn LP12 owner. Had the same problem. Had the 'table completely gone thru, (motor, power supply, bearings, new cartridge, new tonearm cable, new TRAMPOLIN suspension, belt, etc., etc.) My issues had to do with LACK OF maintenence over a 20 year period of time. Stuff just needs to be upgraded and serviced every so often. I hadn't done a thing to my 'table...ever. If you don't know of or have access to a good Linn turntable guy in your area, feel free to email me as I have a great guy who's been at it since Christ was a small boy! He's a real T.T. Guru. Got my rig spinnin' like a champ and sounding awesome.
You didn't mention which motor controller is being used - Basik, Valhalla, or Lingo. A new belt would be a good start, as well as cleaning the pulley surface and the sub-platter. If it's a Lingo (outboard controller), then you'd have to send it to Linn for repairs unless you have excellent electronics skills. If it's the Valhalla, you'll probably need to have the board recapped (especially the electrolytics...the films tend to be fine); any competent technician should be able to handle it. The Basik is so simple, that it can only be the start capacitor or the resistor.
Take the big platter off and turn it on and check the belt for slippage. Put the big platter on upsidedown turn the unit on again to check the belt. Sometimes only a slight push of the platter will get it going. It's possible the 4 wires that connect to the motor are in the wrong order. The ribbon that connects the switch may also be on backward. If you want, leave me a # or email address. I have photos of mine so I can use them as a reference to address the problem. I have rebuilt two Sondek 12's. Don't give up, they're a great TT. Good luck.
Which power supply do you have? Basic, Valhalla, Lingo etc. Valhalla power supplies are pushing 20 years old and it might be time for service. A reasonable tech can determine if the power supply is at fault. Valhalla can be serviced for around $100 or you can replace the Valhalla with a Hercules after market power supply.
They have never seen anything like the Linn...not good

I think, THAT is good. Stay there.
What power supply do you have with your LP12? If you changed the motor and still had the same problem, could be something wrong with the PS.
Could be the power supply; I changed mine for the Mose Hercules. It requires a push to start on 45 but no belt change and starts itself on 33. If you need a used power supply mine was working fine when I replaced it; just wanted better performance and no belt change. Have you tried the Linn forum; I would post there.
Power supply may also be out.
The motor in my old LP12 ran for over 20 yrs without any sign of trouble (still running now several years after I sold it). After switch on I would leave it running continuously for 5 or 6 hours, usually giving it a small assist on startup (but not really needed even though it might take a second or 2 longer to stabilise).

Is your unit powered by Valhalla or Lingo? (Int or Ext supply)

The aftermarket Hercules II supply is even worse in respect of achieving stable speed. It must be assisted on startup or you may wait a long time...
Just as a thought have you checked the bearing to see if any "gumming" has built up? If you are not near a dealer I can recommend with full confidence, Rick at, he is in Ft.Collins Colo. and has people nationwide send their LP12's to him. He has mine sounding better that I think it should. He can not only fix it but also tune it to it's full performance potential.
Syntax, You deserve the Balkan award for the best Linn
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I am embarrassed to admit to have owned the thing but there
are two screws from the II WW stock near the motor by which
the belt tension can be adjusted. If Drifter also owns
the corresponding screwdriver he can try this first.

Correction it not backwards as I had listed. Brain flatulence:)
Want to thank you guys for your replys and help! My friend Wingnut was a member and would have had it figured out and running by now, if he was still with us. I really appriciate all your help...I have the Valhalla and should send it off and have it gone through. I did order the Hercules and am currently waiting for it to arrive, hope it's as good as @Polk432 would love to see the pics of yours, you can email me at ....@Syntax...huh...thanks I think. You are truly blessed to have such great in awe...again...thank you everyone!
Thanks everyone for the help!!! UPDATE: Got the Hercules board installed and am way happier!!! Nice upgrade, plus now I have the 45rpm option for some of the 200 gram vinyl I have, very nice. Also want to thank Roger for all his help and the pics...My late friend LUGNUT said there were some decent folks on this site....later...Ron.
Glad to have helped. Sorry some of the pics were blurry, but the ones showing the wiring were ok. Glad the Hercules PS is working well. I have one that I like. See, you really don't need expensive upgrades for Linn LP 12's after all.